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The Colours of Beeley Moor

My collection of work is based around my love of nature.  Trees and the landscape very often feature in my work, particularly when they have  strong outlines and interesting shapes. 

I am lucky to have Beeley Moor close by and a go to place for me to enjoy the wildness and openness of this beautiful landscape.   It showcases the colours that winter leaves behind from golden rich tones to the faded heather, just hanging onto a hint of purple.  So many muted colours form the rich tapestry of this moorland. Winter sunshine brightens the yellow hues of the grassland that dances in the wind providing wonderful texture to the scene.

There are small clusters of silver birch trees sitting amongst the bracken which give some relief to this stark landscape and for me, always a welcome addition!

Intentional camera movement was used to enhance the contours and textures of the landscape and trees and to introduce an element of movement.

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