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In 2019 I gave up my day job in order to take my photography more seriously. I never imagined that creative photography was the path I would take. As I improved my skills and explored different workflows, I focused on design, composition, colour and texture rather than a more literal approach to picture making. Whether a vast vista or something small and intimate, I look towards simple design with strong values.

My photography leans towards abstraction which allows me to free my imagination from boundaries and use textures, colours, patterns as a main focus, or to incorporate an element of movement by using intentional camera movement or long exposure.

My love of nature gives me unlimited scope to play with so many elements and despite living many miles from the coast, I am constantly drawn to the colours, movement and simplicity of seascape photography.  I hope that in sharing the beauty of the natural world, it may encourage people to think about our impact on the environment.

For me, photography is a form of emotional expression, a way of communication, and I am constantly inspired.  This journey is ever changing and I take great satisfaction in looking back and seeing how I have developed as a photographer and what I have achieved over a relatively short space of time.

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